How Vegetarian Dishes Are on the Rise in Atlanta

The vegetarian diet has definitely gotten to be a popular one in recent years. Many people choose it for health requirements or because of food allergies. Whatever the reason, eating vegetarian can be a great and delicious option. The choices can be many and varied. Some people decide to eat vegetarian all the time, and others [...]

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Best Appetizer in Atlanta

How "The Twisted Sampler" Was Born! What do you do when you're at the beach, needing to pull together a quick and tasty plate of satisfying and festive food, but your fridge is almost empty because it's the tail end of a fun vacation? Well, you get busy and you get creative, especially if you're [...]

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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

It’s Almost Cinco De Mayo. Let’s, Have A Margarita! You don't really need a reason to drink tequila, but Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to mix up a batch of tangy margaritas. America's favorite Mexican holiday occurs annually on May 5 when Mexicans recognize their county's victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. While [...]

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The Rise of Roof Top Dining in Atlanta

When you think dining, think up. And look up. That's because dining has expanded upwards, toward the sky, a la rooftop dining. Outdoor dining in Atlanta can be even more unique and take even better advantage of the mild weather when rooftops are transformed into enjoyable places to enjoy an appetizer, meal, and beverage. Here's [...]

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Finding the Best Margarita in Atlanta

Atlanta's Best Margarita! Atlanta is a hotbed of Tex-Mex food. You know what accompanies that style of cuisine and many others very well with its tart-sweet kick? A margarita! This kind of alcoholic beverage, usually made with tequila, is a party style drink that will set your night off right. Be careful though. Sip a [...]

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The History of The Taco

The taco as we know it today is a blend of ancient Mexican recipes and International influences. However, before it was known in America, natives in Mexico were eating a version that looked quite different. Where did America's favorite comfort food originate? Here's the history of one of the best foods on the planet. The Ancient Taco Tacos [...]

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Salsa History: Everything You Should Know

Salsa, a popular appetizer or side dish at Mexican and Ameri-Mex restaurants in Atlanta, has long since been a part of our world’s history. The tomato-based sauce is usually served with chips and can include other ingredients like onions, corn, chilies, and spices. Today, there are many types of salsas and acceptable food to eat [...]

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The Difference Between Peppers & Chillies

If you live in Atlanta, chances are you eat Tex-Mex food at least once a week. You may go to various restaurants across the city with family or friends, or you may make your own Tex-Mex meal consisting of tacos, nachos, quesadillas or more. When browsing over your menu or jotting down your grocery list, [...]

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