World’s Best Taco Exposed!

Experts gathered recently at the Annual Taco Tasting Summit to determine the world’s best taco of 2015. The result of this prestigious and important yearly event, basically the Oscars for tacos, can set worldwide taco trends for years to come. Only the best and brightest taco tasters on the planet were gathered for the Summit. After many bottles of hot sauce and sour cream were emptied, the experts started in on discussion, debates, and deliberation. What they concluded is unprecedented. Never before have the experts concluded that they could not narrow the winner down to a single taco, but they chose five different tacos from around the world!

More shockingly, though the tacos represent regions scattered across the globe, all of them can be found in a single restaurant. A trip to Twisted Taco will save you from having to travel all the way to Europe or South America to pick up one of these winning tacos. With locations in Georgia, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina, and Tennessee, there’s a good chance you won’t have to go far to let your taste buds jet set around the world.

The Cuban

For the first stop on the tour, Twisted Taco transports us to the lovely island of Cuba. The Cuban offers a savory-sweet combo of roasted pork and plantains. This pair is topped with black beans and rice topped with cilantro. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Cuban dish if it didn’t get finished off with a drizzle of mojo dressing.

The Greek

Next up we’ll journey to the shores of Greece, where scrumptious slices of gyro beef topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions await us. A dollop of tzatziki sauce pulls it all together. Such a great dish, it won’t be long before people start thinking tacos are traditional Greek fare.

The Argentinian

A steak-filled treat brings us to South America to try The Argentinian. This taco gets grilled steak, tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro. In case that’s not a big enough punch of flavor for you, it also gets a dose of Twisted Taco’s signature Chimichurri sauce.

Los Cabos

Heading up the coast, we stop in next to the Mexican region of Los Cabos known for its beach resorts and, well, tacos. When you order at Twisted Taco, close your eyes and let the beer-battered cod topped with cabbage, jalapenos, crema fresca and a squeeze of fresh lime transport you to the sandy shores of Mexico.

The Baja

If you liked Los Cabos but you want to spice things up on our next stop, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands (and mouth) on the Baja. Just across the border we’ll find this blackened cod taco with cabbage citrus slaw and guacamole mousse. Rounded out with cilantro, tomato, and red onions, this taco is flavorful and fresh.

If you’ve always wanted to travel around the world but can’t seem to find the time, check out the Twisted Taco menu and head to your nearest location instead.

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