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How “The Twisted Sampler” Was Born!

What do you do when you’re at the beach, needing to pull together a quick and tasty plate of satisfying and festive food, but your fridge is almost empty because it’s the tail end of a fun vacation?

Well, you get busy and you get creative, especially if you’re a culinary genius.

That’s exactly what happened when one of our chefs came up with the idea for our popular menu item known as The Twisted Sampler.

Here’s how it unfolded.

What’s on the Menu Today?

Our chef looked in the fridge, and there was a little of this and that, but no sufficient quantity of anything to make a “proper” meal.

It seemed pointless to head to the store and stock up on food again when the beach trip was winding down and it was almost time to pack up and go home.

So he did what chefs do best, which is to improvise and make do with what they have on hand.

Oh yeah, and it also helped that the rental house at the beach just happened to have a great kitchen with tons of appliances and cooking tools.

He spent part of the afternoon experimenting and letting his creativity run free.

twisted taco testers

And he had the fellow beachgoers taste test during the food preparation process.

The consensus was unanimous, that the individual food items and the combination of all of them together, though unconventional and unexpected, was also unreal.

No one had ever experienced anything like that before, and they were hungry for more.

And voila, The Twisted Sampler was born.

The combo was a huge hit with the large group of family members on vacation together who were enjoying the “everything but the kitchen sink” type of sampler plate.

The kids, the adults of all ages, everyone fell in the love right away with the interesting plate of sampler items.

It also was fun for outdoor dining and relaxing with some refreshing drinks.

It’s a good thing there were plenty of napkins on hand, because this plate was one finger-licking good experience!

The chef quickly jotted down the spontaneously invented recipes, so he could make the unexpectedly popular items again soon.

He packed his ideas along with the beach chairs and sand-filled sandals, and he headed home the next day.

An Instant Big Hit

Back at home, the chef tried out the sampler recipes at the restaurant’s next employee gathering, and again, it was ultra-popular, which meant one thing:  This brand-new plate needed a name, and it needed to be added to the restaurant’s menu.

The Twisted Sampler was a perfect name, because the plate included an unconventional set of food choices that happened to taste surprisingly great together.

And the name is also of course in keeping with the restaurant’s name, Twisted Taco.

After being added to the menu, The Twisted Sampler quickly generated a following and a name for itself.

It’s clear that the sampler is here to stay and that its reach has far surpassed its original family gathering at the beach.

So What’s in the Twisted Sampler?

This unique plate includes a delicious and generous portion of fried pickles, some boneless hot wings, hot melted queso and one of our handmade chicken rolls.

Translation: It’s super tasty and satisfying, and it includes a little bit of everything.

Plus, it includes items that are always crowd favorites all year long, no matter what season or occasion it is.

At the same time, the recipes for the several items on the plate are completely new takes on classics like wings.

It’s a delightful mixture of spicy, savory, and a variety of textures and colors.

It pairs really well with a variety of beverages and side dishes, and you can enjoy it as an appetizer alongside a meal or even as its own meal.

Even better, The Twisted Sampler is the perfect choice for enjoying outdoors at roof top dining venues.

Summer just got a whole lot more fun and exciting with the invention of The Twisted Sampler.

To see and taste what all the buzz is about, head over to Twisted Taco and try it out.

We’re your go-to place in the Atlanta area for incredible Tex-Mex food, and we love to invent new recipes for you to enjoy.

Many of our locations offer rooftop dining so you can enjoy both great food and a casual, open-air setting all at the same time.

Our chefs are always busy serving up creative and amazing food in just the perfect atmosphere.

And we can all be glad about creative chefs, sun-drenched inspiration, beach trips and almost-empty fridges!

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