Finding the Best Margarita in Atlanta

Atlanta's Best Margarita! Atlanta is a hotbed of Tex-Mex food. You know what accompanies that style of cuisine and many others very well with its tart-sweet kick? A margarita! This kind of alcoholic beverage, usually made with tequila, is a party style drink that will set your night off right. Be careful though. Sip a [...]

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The All-American Tailgate Experience

Tailgating Tailgating before a big football game is a true American experience. It doesn’t matter which team you’re cheering for, when you see someone with your team’s colors, you’ve upgraded from strangers to friends--maybe even family. Atlanta Tailgates have a way of breaking the stranger barrier and building a friendship with everyone you meet.  Regardless [...]

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Georgia Shredding: Who Has the Best Deals?

Georgia Shredding The term “shredding” has increased in a consistent pattern in Google searches throughout the past five years. There are many reasons as to why this has occurred. First, shredded foods have become very popular in Georgia within the past several decades. Some of our favorites include shredded cheese and shredded chicken. Secondly, Atlanta [...]

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The Rise Of Guacamole: Interesting Facts To Know

If you live in Atlanta and have never tried guacamole, you do not know what you are missing. Although this delicious snack and ingredient was originally discovered in Mexican food, it has since become a popular food across all of America. This treat is usually served with chips at local Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants, such [...]

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Pico De Gallo: Everything You Need To Know

Queso topped with Pico de Gallo You’re having a backyard barbeque to celebrate the end of summer. Or maybe you’re having a friends and family gathering to watch some Atlanta Falcons or Georgia football. Either way, someone has asked you to bring pico de gallo. If this is the first time you are [...]

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