When is a brain chill a good thing?

When you get it from a frozen margarita, of course.

Yes, a brain chill, the funny sensation you get in your head when you just drank something too quickly that’s super cold, can be a pleasant experience.

That’s the opinion at the Twisted Taco, where we serve up refreshing frozen margaritas and much, much more.

The Place To Be for Frozen Margaritasalpharetta tex mex near me

Do you need to cool off and chill out at the same time?

Our frozen margaritas are the perfect solution.

We start with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, then carefully mix the ingredients just right.

The result is a flavorful beverage with just the right level of oomph and pizazz.

Our frozen margaritas are served up by the glass or pitcher, depending on what you prefer.

But we don’t stop there when it comes to margaritas.

We also offer a wide variety of fun-spirited and delicious margaritas, with clever choices including Spicy Mexican, Raging Bull, Urban Cowboy, and Annie Oakley.

All of our margarita selections are served either in glasses or in pitchers.

Try one or keep coming back to Twisted Taco until you’ve tried them all.

Frozen margaritas are just the perfect solution when you need to cool off during the hazy, lazy humid Atlanta days and nights of summer.

Roof Tops Are Special

Ah, the roof top experience.

You get to enjoy the fresh air, the breeze, the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area, the beauty of the city, and the night sky when it’s dark.

You also get to relax over interesting conversation that’s somehow even better when you’re outdoors.

The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable.

It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Yes, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a frozen margarita over a fun conversation.

You can have all that at Twisted Taco, your go-to place for roof top cocktails in Atlanta.

Much More Than Drinks

But Twisted Taco, we don’t stop at margaritas and fun on the roof.

In addition to our frozen margaritas and extensive beverage list, we offer an equally impressive and extensive food menu.

Start with our appetizers and lead right in to an amazing selection of Tex-Mex selections.

We incorporate the freshest and highest-quality ingredients into truly creative and mouth-watering recipes.

We have a wide array of vegetarian options as well as the most impressively long list of taco choices you’ve maybe ever seen.

Then there are the various choices in colorful salads, seafood tacos, beef tacos, chicken choices, and so much more.

Combine those selections with sparkling beverages like frozen margaritas, take that outside to our roof top area, and you have a recipe for a perfect get together with your family or friends.

Daily Specials to Keep the Fun Going

And every day of the week, you will find something special going on at Twisted Taco, from Funday Sunday to Twisted Taco Tuesday to Burrito Wednesday.

That’s just a little sampling of the special events we have cooked up just for you to enjoy.

Every other day of the week has a special theme too.

The fun just keeps going in our family-friendly, upbeat setting.

Atlanta’s Best Margaritas

Are you ready for the best Atlanta margaritas?

Head over to Twisted Taco soon and see why brain chills from frozen margaritas are actually a very good thing.

And remember that you can find Twisted Taco in many other cities too, so look us up and stop by when you’re traveling away from the Atlanta area too.

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