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Pico De Gallo: Everything You Need To Know

Queso topped with Pico de Gallo You’re having a backyard barbeque to celebrate the end of summer. Or maybe you’re having a friends and family gathering to watch some Atlanta Falcons or Georgia football. Either way, someone has asked you to bring pico de gallo. If this is the first time you are [...]

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Four Summertime Taco and Drink Pairings You Need To Try

Tacos & Drink Pairings Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine has become widely popular over the past decades in the United States. The Mexican restaurant industry itself produces nearly $40 billion dollars in revenue, and this does not include food bought and prepared at home. In a recent study, over 230 million Americans admitted to using Mexican [...]

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Ranking The Best Twisted Tacos

What is your go-to taco place? If you’re in the Atlanta area, you probably know that Twisted Taco is one of the city’s most popular Tex-Mex destinations. For more than 15 years, the iconic restaurant has been serving up a variety of fresh, creative tacos to thousands of food lovers. The one question we get [...]

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The Quest For The Perfect Margarita

Whether it’s served classic or frozen, we all have an idea of what makes the perfect margarita. Some of us prefer extra lime and some of us prefer extra salt, but in any case, most margaritas have the same few ingredients in common. Of course, there are thousands of variations of the classic margarita, so [...]

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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In Atlanta At Twisted Taco

What are you doing to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Twisted Taco is Atlanta’s #1 destination for Tex Mex food, drinks, and festivities this May. At locations across the Metro Atlanta area, our team will be serving up cold drinks, fresh guacamole, and sizzling tacos to thousands of customers. Since 2002, our team has hosted the [...]

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World’s Best Taco Exposed!

Experts gathered recently at the Annual Taco Tasting Summit to determine the world’s best taco of 2015. The result of this prestigious and important yearly event, basically the Oscars for tacos, can set worldwide taco trends for years to come. Only the best and brightest taco tasters on the planet were gathered for the Summit. [...]

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Ameri-Mex Restaurants Around Atlanta

Whether you live in Atlanta or you are planning to visit, you might be wondering where you can find yourself some good, Ameri-Mex style food. In this large metropolitan city, there are so many restaurants to choose from, and you might be feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to find a place to eat. For [...]

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The Origin of a Taco

If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious taco, you might have wondered, “Who invented this perfect creation?” While experts are not sure exactly where the first taco was made and eaten, the history of this now Ameri-Mex food can be traced through time. Here is more on the origin of a [...]

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How to Eat a Twisted Taco

You are out for a great night with the best friends a person could ask for. You grab the Twisted Taco menu, excited, your mouth watering and ready to see what all the fuss is about. You browse through the pages and cannot resist stopping at the main attracting: the Twisted Taco itself. You know [...]

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What is the Difference Between Tex-Mex and Mexican Cuisine?

When the United States was still an infant nation, rough and tumbling cowboys made their way across the Midwest and down south to Mexico. They experienced many new and exciting traditions and cultural trademarks of the native peoples who lived around the Rio Grande. One of the most magnetic aspects of Mexico was the excellent [...]

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