Why Twisted Taco

Twisted Taco Franchise, Inc. is seeking individuals who will work together with us for our mutual success.  As a responsible Franchisor, we recognize that our success is ultimately dependent upon the success of our individual franchisees.  As a Franchisor, we will develop a strong relationship with all Twisted Taco© Franchise Owners.  We will do our best to help you succeed.  We will supply you with a proven concept, a system for doing business, access to our tested recipes and procedures, our good name and reputation, training and our on-going assistance and support.  You supply us with your hard work, cooperation, adherence to our system and your best efforts to support the Twisted Taco reputation and objectives.  By working together, we all benefit.

In addition to a unique concept with strong market demand and a history of success, Twisted Taco Franchise, Inc. provides our franchisees with many benefits.  A successful business requires a well-conceived and tested operational system. Here is where Twisted Taco Franchise, Inc. can really help you. We provide you with a successful method for doing business, a fully developed program, a professional business management system, complete training, website management and optimization, marketing ideas and on-going support to help you run your business efficiently and profitably.

Twisted Taco© Cantina is a truly unique concept, a concept that smoothly combines a number of elements.  Here are just a few reasons to why you should consider a Twisted Taco© franchise:

  1. Twisted Taco© Cantina is an exciting and innovative family-friendly, casual dining restaurant concept featuring top shelf Southwestern and Mexican fare, using only the freshest ingredients.  Our menu includes burritos, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, salads, sandwiches, appetizers and of course our famous “Twisted Tacos”! We believe that it is important to use only the highest-quality ingredients available to prepare each menu item to order.
  2. Twisted Taco© Cantina is also a sports bar, with numerous high definition televisions, showing Saturday College Game Day and Sunday NFL Games, and the sports of the season.  Twisted Taco© also features theme nights consisting of DJ’s Thursday through Saturday, Trivia Nights, Comedy Nights and Poker Nights.  The dominant music genre is Rock ‘n Roll.
  3. Twisted Taco© Cantina has strong vendor relationships to assist with food and beverage costs.
  4. Twisted Taco © Cantina includes a comprehensive professional training program to help you succeed.
  5. Multi-unit opportunities for Twisted Taco© Cantinas are available.

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